Chilled – Various Artists

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After ten volumes of material for their Lounge series, you’d think Om Records would be fresh out of quality tracks by now. Somehow or another, they keep coming back with more top shelf tunes for the chill out contingent. Part of this compilation’s success is in the ability to mix it up while still keeping the lounge factor intact. The always on-point Joey Youngman adds a hip-hop head nod element to “Conflict Resolution,” bringing a spacey atmosphere with an urban edge. However, slow tempos aren’t always necessary for a chill vibe, and the upbeat selections that are included prove that. Jimpster’s “Left & Right” delivers a sophisticated broken bump to the collection with Capitol A in tow to drop some lyrics. The nu-jazz feel continues on Headphonism’s “Guidance,” featuring the heavenly vocals of Anna Meta. Land Shark’s “Slippage” is a seductive after-hours house tune that’s almost reminiscent of Metro Area’s best efforts. John Beltran closes the disc with the euphoric “It Was All Beautiful.” By the time the compilation ends, there’s no doubt you’ll be saying the same.