This Too Will Pass – The One AM Radio

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The One AM Radio is a one man band comprised of Hrishikesh Hirway and This Too Will Pass is the third full-length release from the self-proclaimed “crunk/folk” artist. Here, Hirway has blessed us with thirteen well-crafted and endearing tracks. This is the work of a one man “song crafter” and not some run of the mill singer/songwriter. This Too Will Pass is an appropriate title, considering the past two years in Hirway’s life. After 2004’s “A Name Writ in Water,” Hrishikesh endured a breakup, an uncle’s divorce, several tenures on friends couches, and ultimately a year of solitude in his abandoned childhood home. The melodramatic nature of this album comes as no surprise.

The spirit and feel of Elliot Smith’s Either Or seems present, making This Too Will Pass essential for the indie pop lovemaker. Gently plucked guitar melodies instantly draw in the listener on “The Harvest,” leading to a slew of reverb-drenched vocals, and going out as quietly as it began. It would seem the album’s second track “In the Time We’ve Got” would be more of the same, until the drums begin to crash, and the violin swims from ear to ear. A beautiful and uplifting brass arrangement serves “Lest I Forget” brilliantly about midway through. “Mercury” boasts a stereo electronic beat, and what sounds like bass clarinet or oboe harmonies. The classical arrangements tastefully enhance the record, without muddying the compositions it contains. This record is one to spin in the evenings.