Unreleased – Wu-Tang Clan & Friends

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Released by Wu-Tang producer Mathematics, Unreleased is a 20-tuned compilation of remixes, B-sides and obscure Wu material which muster warm memories of when rappers actually cared if they were lyrically tight. Gems like “Where Brooklyn at?” showcase mcs Bad Luck, All Day, and Allah Reals', sincere intention to spit attention grabbing rhymes. Accompanied by a continuous swinging baseline, the seven minute track supplies a soulful musical setting which provide a fine contrast to the rappers lyrical grit. Mathematics creates sounds that stem from the comforting to the intimidating. A perfect example of the latter is “Rap Burglars”, a midnight-colored track that is roomy enough for legends Raekwon and Inspectah Deck to fully detail their respective street stories. Chef passionatley spits “This Alaskan nigga approached me, he had suede on / Caesar head half moon, had his weight on / Five sixty drop, rest in Barbados / Like he rich and shit and have Play-Doh”. Deck also picture paints “Bitches getting trampled, niggas wildin in the front row / Fire marshall catch a beat down, trying to cut my sound / Radio dispatcher back up from busting rounds”. Unrealeased is certaintly not short on inventive Shaolin slang, or the sharp lyrical darts that fans have grown accustomed to in recent years past.

Those looking for groundbreaking Wu-Tang songs are placing expectations unnecessarily high. This project appears to be more of an offering to diehards, rather than an attempt to reintroduce the renowned Clan. Subsequently, Unreleased will certainly appeal more to the Wu-head than the casual Wu-Tang fan, but one can argue that was producer Mathematics' intended purpose. To give long time supporters a listening alternative to classic Wu-material. Although every track is far from flawless, Unreleased serves as a nice appetizer for those who deeply crave the next Wu-Tang opus.