Welcome To My Castle – NardWuar: The Human Serviette

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I knew what to expect when I cut the plastic wrap off of Welcome To My Castle from NardWuar. Some time ago I had the choice experience of watching his first DVD collection of interviews, Doot Doola Doot Doo…Doot Doo!, and acquired the taste for this unique Canadian export. Whereas that collection was from more recent times, [italics]Welcome To My Castle is an eclectic assembling of early- and mid-90s dalliances with the famous, like Bob Denver, Tom Vu, Anthony Robbins, Flea, Timothy Leary, President Ford and some Canadian PMs or Kurt Cobain at the height of Nirvana’s fame.

Although quite a few years before he became an interviewing name, NardWuar’s style was intact in the 90s. It’s his quirky, rapid fire questioning that makes the interviewees stay concentrated. Questions are pulled from vast reaches of astonishing musical knowledge and minutia which generally perplex the guest. Watching a NardWuar interview is akin to standing on a cliff, on toe tips, with a bowling ball in each hand. You’re waiting to plummet, but gravity sways the kinder way.

By taking the marker to face the abuse of Jello Biafra or the nonsensical answering of Sonic Youth, NardWuar proves he’ll sit through humiliation and disruption to get his answers. Hidden within awkwardness is a master interviewer. Who wants to keep hearing about plight and feelings from a millionaire? Questions about Jello’s belt buckle and no less than five about Iggy Pop’s cock break the monotony.

There are too many interviews to list, but each has its own intricacies and gold nuggets. A routine Ron Jeremy quizzing about spurting is just downright funny as hell. NardWuar is your annoying friend who talks too much and has too much information, but that’s why you love him