White Orange – White Orange

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Is this band’s moniker a reference to some kind of lysergic acid? Don’t know for sure. I’d like to think so. Either way, this is a refreshing old skool throwback that opens with a crunchy Monster Magnet-like riff on “Where,” and after a couple songs it’s fairly clear that their transport vessel of post-grunge/hard psych/stoner rock rides the space between punk and metal quite effectively, with guitar and bass often melting together within the density of the mix as they hammer away at one rock theme or another for five or six minutes.

Thick bass, crispy guitar distortion and a generally noisy affect are the order of the day here. In terms of song structure, things actually lean decidedly more to the left, with a looser, less constrained approach than a lot of heavier metal-flavored bands. “Color Me Black” is a case in point. They change things up a little on “Middle of the Riddle,” finding another rhythmic theme, and then adding some more start-stop phrasing on a few tracks, and “Dinosaur Bones” is just a flat-out great hard rock song whether you’re a punk rocker or a metal head. As a final nod to the old skool, it clocks in at 44:16, making it the perfect length for one side of a 90-minute cassette; an album to be shared with friends, along with other accoutrements, in the cool of a summer evening. In other words, highly recommended for fans of Monster Magnet, Nebula, Drunken Horse, Bongzilla, The Sword, Big Chief, et.,al.