WYLA? (What’re You Looking At?) – Copperpot

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Chicago-based beat maker Copperpot is the kind of person that doesn’t like to draw attention to himself. His latest album, however, will probably ensure that his private moments are going to be few and far between. WYLA? (What’re You Looking At?) features hard-hitting production along with seasoned lyricism and musicianship. The MCs in attendance all prove themselves deserving of Copperpot’s sonic stamp. Some heads may think that KRS-One takes himself too seriously these days, but the Blastmaster drops nothing but common sense on “Come Back Home”. Meanwhile, Truth Enola takes it to the club on “Let It Go”, and Braintax breaks down the science of a “Demo”, making the track required listening for all underground MCs. Make sure to check for Rodney P’s theories on mass media featured on “Modern Vampires” (“Big Brother ain’t watchin’ us, we’re watchin’ it / It’s slick how they made that switch and got rich.”). The additional musicians add flourishes of color to Copperpot’s beats, be it the melancholy cello of Tameeka Reed on “Art of Rap” or the G-Funk era keys of K-Kruz on “Clowning Arounding.” No sophomore slump here; WYLA? is the calling card that will have MCs clamoring for his services.