10LEC6, "Bone Barne"

Post Author: Andre G

French DJ/Producer Jess Crabbe says his latest project, the self-deemed “bulu punk” act 10LEC6, is like “when you haven’t been shopping for ten days and you’re left with a potato, an egg, canned green beans and a yogurt.” Their swirling fusion of funk, punk, hip-hop, and other genre is akin to when “you find a way to make a yogurt sauce with a leftover piece of garlic, toss in the cold green beans, top it off with the egg and come up with something super delicious.”
The group, centered around Crabbe (of DJ duo Jess & Crabbe) and street artist Simon, delivered a tasty treat (in a brilliant wrapping) with their “Bone Barne” video. The title track from their upcoming album is a dancefloor-ready composition in which singer Nicole croons buoyantly atop live percussion and a luscious bass groove.
The upbeat track is matched with a vivid video which whisks us into a colorful, fantastic universe of shapes and creatures moving rapidly throughout the screen. French graffiti artist Antwon Horfee created the video, which is influenced by his love of European abstract art, the tattoo world and vintage cartoons.
You can check out the “Bone Barne” video above and watch for the snare drops. Below is the tracklist for Bone Barne:

A1. Bedjem Mebok
A2. Etam Enabe
A3. Ayong Ya Yop
A4. Quakerz
B1. Augusta (feat. DVNO)
B2. Make Madjeng
B3. What That Azz Do?
B4. Bone Barne