Taska Black "Dead Inside" feat. Ayelle

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Antwerp based producer Taska Black and London-based R&B singer Ayelle have teamed up to create a haunting, exasperated work of art in both the music video for and track, “Dead Inside.” The video is something out of a Nintendo and It Follows crossed world, strong neon images and color palettes setting the scene for the internal showdown that follows. Bringing to mind influences of pop vocal sensations like Robyn with the noir-esque instrumentation of Kavinsky.

Taska Black explained, “With Dead Inside I tried to create an atmosphere with a certain emotion; dark and hopeless but still optimistic, simple and chaotic at the same time. Dead Inside refers to a form of depression amongst millennials. Feeling lifeless while being alive. The purpose of this song is to make these feelings heard and manage to deal with them, rather than a cry for help.”
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