ASH., "Wrong Number"

Post Author: Andre G

Rising vocalist ASH. had a pretty busy 2016. Along with releasing The Please Like Me EP, her second project, the Atlanta-based musician/teacher went on a high school tour in order to “impact and encourage young kids,” and also orchestrated a unique “living room tour” throughout the east coast.
On Valentine’s Day, ASH. released the video for “Wrong Number, which matches the song’s dreamy soundscape with a sultry video that augments the glamor vibes. She nails a number of looks against myriad, colorful backdrops and gloomy videography that channels the track’s smoky synths.
“Don’t make me wait for you, I just dont have the time,” she lithely pleads to the person whose number she got the previous night. As her lissome vocals ruminate as far as thoughts of unrequited love, her lyricism highlights the entitlement and self-absorption we’re all somewhat guilty of when it comes to romance. Throughout her admonishments of the person and self-doubt, she never considered that she simply had the wrong number. Oops.
ASH. is currently working on her third project. The as-of-yet unnamed project’s first single will drop in March. The Please Like Me EP can be purchased on Spotify.