Circles/Waves, "Rosewood"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Circles/Waves is a refreshingly unique, talented Brooklyn trio with a contagious energy and confidence.


Led by singer and horn player Claire Lorenzo, Circles/Waves is a trio rounded out by Marissa Mazzotta on guitar and Scotty Gervais on drums. They’re a Brooklyn band carving out their indie sound with a confidence in melody that lands as an optimistic surf-pop — a refreshing twist on 2017.


“Rosewood” plays out with a smoothness and fluidity that does justice to its human-centered design. In a way, it empowers lyrically, and engages through its instrumentation. The background is full of noisy guitars and feverish drums, but Lorenzo’s horn cuts right through the story and production, establishing the song’s melody from the start.
It’s a catchy beach tune that injects optimism through its indie surf-pop sensibility. The video itself captures Circles/Waves’ energy, best illustrated in the concluding moments amongst the tide rolling in. We can’t argue much with a production featuring Danny DeVito. 4/5.


You can find Circles/Waves on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook.