At/All, “Deeper”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Melbourne trio At/All – comprised of Pascal Babare, Matt Nicholson, and Lucy Roleff – have been hard at work to unleash their debut album Sun Dog unto the world. Babare and Nicholson co-produced the work, collaborating with songstress Roleff on writing. Since its release on August 29th, the band has been getting a lot of play, and it’s obvious as to why. We’ve got the premiere of the music video for their track “Deeper” exclusively for Impose readers.

Transitioning visuals, a tie dye/splatter paint effect layered over Lucy as she sings over the track with her beautiful, haunting vocals. We’re brought into a world of multi-color euphoria, feeling just as much a part of the sensations indicated by the liquid matter on the screen as we feel surrounded by the song itself. Psychedelic, transcendental. We call it like we see it, and we’re loving what we’re seeing.

Pascal Babare had quite a bit to say about the track and its accompanying video.

Inspired by the experimental macro-photography of video artist Chris Parks, the visual companion to At/All’s debut single Deeper took shape in a tiny apartment in Melbourne, where filmmaker Alex Badham and I threw down a second hand Hummer-branded bedsheet, set up a lightbox and camera rig, and, following the advice of a “fun science for kids” youtube channel, made a huge, colourful, disgusting mess.

We wanted to make something that was psychedelic in an old school way – not too conceptual, and mostly just beautiful. So Alex applied his keen eye for shapes and patterns to the editing process, and created this playful and musical collision of psychedelic textures and chemical reactions. 

Sun Dog is available now.