Fire to The Stars, “Made of Fire”

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

Melbourne-based indie newcomers Fire to The Stars are badass. Their music has a haunting, eery quality and a great sound that is a cool blend of clear, crystalline music and gorgeous vocals — with a dark and turbulent emotional infusion (our favorite kind – just kidding). 

The vocals are unique and haunting with dark lyrics and sombre sounding music to complement it. They’ve just released this accompanying video for their single, “Stay Down,” that’s getting heck of a lot of hype. It’s super depressing, depicting a young man exploring various means of committing suicide due to a failed love affair — or is he? It leaves you hanging just as the song leave you wanting more, only 2:30 minutes long. It’s intense and complements the music incredibly well.

Honestly, though? Our only concern is that the music video might distract you. It’s great, with beautiful imagery, and it tells a story. The emotional undertones and backdrop are so complete that there’s even a full-length version available, and you might even question whether the song was written for the video or the video was written for the song. It’s been incredibly well-received and is basically pushing the boundaries of what a music video intends to do. Yes, the music video is great… and too much of a good thing is definitely not a bad thing. 

But if we’re being honest, the song is better. It’s beautiful, and frankly, it doesn’t even need the video. And that should be good news for Fire to the Stars. Great news, really.

The song is good enough that it deserves your full attention and shouldn’t have to share the spotlight, but we’ll leave it up to the individual. If you aren’t prone to being distracted, go for it. But if we had to choose, it’d be the song. Listen to the song without the video first — it’s super-duper good — and then listen to it again with the video. You be the judge; we think it’s amazing.