Bipolar Sunshine, "Easy To Do"

Post Author: Andre G

That’s what’s at play on LA-based singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine’s latest track, the ominous “Easy To Do.” Though he croons about a relationship that’s “easy” to cut off, the thick bassline and methodical tempo of the track laces it with an air of suspense. Bipolar Sunshine decided to augment the song’s allure with a cinematic video that’s even more confounding.
The Matilda Finn-directed video shows two lovers immersed in a cool blue hue. Bipolar Sunshine says over e-mail he wanted the audience to get “some Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in the movie Blow kinda feels” from the visuals. As a man sits against a wall with tears streaming down his cheek, a woman reaches into him, seemingly for his heart – but pulls out something else.
He aimed for the video’s theme to eludes to a feeling of release and freedom,” and that’s exactly what it did. Bipolar Sunshine is currently working on his Imaginarium EP, which will be released later this year. “Easy To Do” is the first single and a strong harbinger of what’s to come.