Martin, "Charizard"

Post Author: Andre G

Altadena, CA based-rapper Martin is taking being a flame spitter to new heights on his new “Charizard” single. The ambitious artist is rolling out his music as episodes of an alternate hip-hop universe, with his latest track being the third entry in the series. Martin’s mouse sidekick Cloud is the center of this episode, “evolving” into a Charizard-like species and breathing fire while Martin erupts with a rapid-fire flow.
“Charizard” was crafted by LA-based producer Spydawebs, who offered a quirky soundscape to unleash his myriad flows on. “Y’all don’t know my mastery, rhymes is defying gravity,” Martin promises over booming 808s and whippy sound effects. Cloud was depicted in his fiery realm by Marcus Burke of BZL productions, who will be crafting the visuals set to drop every other Wednesday. You can catch them on his official YouTube channel.