Drop Out Vegas, “Sleep Alone”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Drop Out Vegas is a band based out of Houston, Texas. Their latest EP dropped in March of 2015, and since then, they’ve been touring. Their main musical influences are Grouplove, Twenty One Pilots, and M83. (Wow, Drop Out Vegas is a band after my own heart!) Drop Out Vegas has just released the music video for their single, “Sleep Alone,” and we’re obsessed.

First of all, the very first line of this song is, “I’ve been searching under the covers, finding strangers, make them into lovers for the night.” SOUND FAMILIAR ANYONE? Similar to modern day Tinder-ing or Grindr-ing perhaps? The video starts out in a dressing room, that gets very, very hectic. The scene changes to a duo dancing. The choreography depicts conflict as the two dancer fight against each other, yet always end up together as Drop Out Vegas sings, “we’re trapped here together, cause we can’t exist without each other.” The lyrics are honest as they sing, “I don’t love you and you’ll never love me. This feels so wrong but it comes so easily.” The visuals change to a club scene, where everyone is dancing and having a good time. This track is so catchy and fun, yet tells a story that everyone can relate to, and I’m in love.

Check out their available music here.