Duncecap, “Bandaids”

Post Author: Andre G

The Queens-based Karma Kids collective has created some of the most creative, thought-provoking music videos in the underground scene. Following in the steps of Gruff Lion’sAnimal/Clock Oven” and BALD AFRO’s “Bad Hair Day,” Duncecap premieres his “Bandaids” video.

A single from Duncecap and producer Samurai Banana’s Human Error project, “Bandaids” is a venture into the thoughts pervading the rhymer during his restless moments. Duncecap zips over the bunched, clunky drums and background clacking with stream-of-consciousness rhymes about self-loathing and “phoenix food, dumpster diver ass play.”

Duncecap’s scatter-brained testimony meanders the recesses of anxious thought before venturing back to his “I can’t fall asleep, so I believe in my dread” mantra on both verses.

The William Joel crafted-video is a surreal counterpart to the self-deprecating lyrics, showcasing Duncecap acting out his lines in a morbid funhouse of an animation.

I really had one main idea I wanted to have in the video, and that was shooting myself in the head,” Duncecap reflects over e-mail. The video was initially going to be live action until Joel volunteered to offer his services. Duncecap takes pride in the animation giving the video a ”whimsical personality that’s lyrically in the song but not too in your face, while having textures that compliment some of the darker themes.”

The song was crafted to reflect that “life gets a little better” after learning how to cope, but “life sucks no matter what, so don’t get too hung up on your misery.” In other words, stay away from the gun show.