Evolfo, "Rat City"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Liz Maney

If you think of some the legendary rock bands born out of Boston, they all had one thing more or less in common; get those feet and asses movin’. Pre-Pump Aerosmith, sure, but I’m talking more that skronk-rocking style à la the J Geils Band (RIP).
Brooklyn-by-way-of-Berklee group Evolfo understand that ethos channeling it through a more psychedelic prism. Their recently released LP, Last of the Acid Cowboys, is a front to back, keys and horns-laden journey through their darker impulses as their chops add a sheen over the scuzz.
Recently, Evolfo dropped a video for single “Rat City” which serves as a sort of theme music for hard styling vigilante.
“It was actually a Boston Police Officer that first made me aware of the name ‘Rat City,'” shares guitarist and vocalist Matt Gibbs. “I was picked up by the cops in Allston in 2010 (long story). I was handcuffed in the back seat and one officer turns around to me and asks, ‘you know what we call Allston down at the precinct?’ *dramatic pause* ‘RAT. CITY.’ He thought that was super impressive or intimidating or something. Maybe he was simply alerting me to the fact that there are lots of rats in the neighborhood, or maybe he thought of us weenie college boys as vermin. He didn’t really explain himself.
The truth was I liked the idea of myself as a big rat-man, scurrying frantically around Allston. Possibly administering vigilante justice on cops and frat bros alike. Our song kind of has a Batman quality like that I think. I imagine fighting people in sync with the horn section stabs, like old school Batman style.”
Last of the Acid Cowboys is out now via Royal Potato Family.