Greg Ashley, "Medication #9"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Greg Ashley is on the verge of releasing his latest record, Pictures of Saint Paul Street, due out on Trouble in Mind Records. With such a trusted label behind the release, it’s easy to prejudge that Ashley’s work will be great, and he proves it with his latest video for “Medication #9.”
A member of the band The Gris Gris, Ashley also has several solo records out, dating back to the early 2000’s and continuing to be a staple in the legendary underground scene of the Bay Area. “Medication #9” is a black and white dream of a video, giving a sneak peek into the recording process, featuring Ashley lugging equipment around, strumming a guitar, and tapping his toes. His slightly twangy voice echoes over a simply strum acoustic guitar. “I can’t accept some simple fantasy,” he croons over a lap steel, giving voice to many of our discontents. “I’m a failure in my dreams, I can’t remember what they mean,” he sings while soothing our anxiety a bit and letting us know that yes, he’s also noticed the world is kinda shitty right now. He gets it. Check out the video here, and let yourself escape for just a moment into Ashley’s world, with cigarette smoke unfurling over the console, putting finishing touches on the track.
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