Holy Tunics, “Forget Your Love”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Sometimes the best way to move on from someone is to play in a band with your friends. Brooklyn buds Holy Tunics are a good example of such a notion in the video for their song, “Forget Your Love,” off their forthcoming EP, Hot to Trot, out December 10 on GP Stripes. The song is a joyous gut-wrencher. A saddened fervor overtakes you from the first note, the pangs of longing woven, rather subtly, into a fastpop rhythm section and immediately infectious vocal harmonies. Beefed up chords and a fluid bassline give way to leads clear as day, that simultaneously lift your head and pull at your heartstrings. It’s uncertain, is this sad? until you gather yourself and pay attention the lyrics, desperate and helpless in their attempts to let go of a person of the past. “It’s the modern way,” the chorus repeats, indicative of all too common occurrence of love, loss and coming to terms.

The visuals alone would hardly betray the nature of the song. You see found footage, just about all the way through, of a band being together: Sped up shots of live performances (including footage from what certainly looks to be Palisades (RIP)), evening hangouts around a dining room table somewhere, out on the road—the view through the front windshield of a van, fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview and everything. All this until the song ends and the footage cuts to a woman shyly sitting and smiling. It might be her, the one whose love we’re trying to forget. The camera zooms in and out, while indiscernibly fast-forwarding or rewinding, though it could be either, really, or both, with memories reeling over and over again in the brain while you’re determined to move past them.