Jack Milwaukee, “Velvet Dress”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

Jack Milwaukee has been making magic under the moniker M!R!M for quite some time now. His LP as such came out a couple of years ago on Fabrika Records, and he’s ready and raring to release his new double 7″ on July 22nd with Coward Records. His newest single, “Velvet Dress”, has a brand new music video, and we have the exclusive premiere.

“Velvet Dress” is three minutes into the future, or at least, I can definitely picture this song playing over a montage in some sort of movie set in a futuristic world in a dark and crowded night club scene, with the patrons moving as one on the dance floor, making the ground shake with the force of their movements. “Velvet Dress” is moody and slightly dark, but there’s also a sense of light-heartedness throughout that keeps it dropping into outright angst. It’s what I would call moody dance music — you can certainly dance to it, but you have to have a reason.

**photo by Nina Sever

Velvet Dress is available for preorder now. It is set for an extremely limited run.