Jake Hart, “That Touch”

Post Author: Sandra Song

Up-and-coming London producer/schmoozemaster Jake Hart may have just pioneered “magnetic minimalism” with the release of the video for his bewitching single “That Touch”.

Seductive in its simplicity, Hart croons and swoons through five minutes of surreal, pseudo-modern dance along the Vegas strip. A breathtaking track that oozes and slides slowly into focus, it’s incredibly provocative and siren-like in its spaciousness and vulnerable candor.

For example, lines like “Saw your face from across the room, and I could hardly break my gaze,” are spine-tingling, even if incredibly basic in their sentiment. Rolling off his tongue and wrapping itself around the shimmering warmth of his restrained synth pads and twinkling accents, it’s a yearning, intensely romantic ballad that practically drowns in its own lust. Because in the end, it’s Hart’s light-touch production that creates a tense hypnotism that’ll keep you enthralled in the enigma. Despite your best intentions.