Step-Panther, “It Came From the Heart”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

From their Strange But Nice album, Step-Panther premiere this blood, guts and poultry video for the single “It Came From the Heart”, directed by Matt Loft and Dave Fox, along with LAWW Media and fashioned by Iamnone clothing. Turning the song title into the name of a campy slasher flick, the Sydney three take refuge in an abandoned cliff-side house for an impromptu performance that gets interrupted by the world’s most agitated and irate chicken to have ever flown the coop.

The sincerity of the song strikes chords of heartfelt truths, as Matt and Dave’s video zeroes in on the lyrics that resound like the suspenseful mania of a horror movie matinee. The expressions of genuine endearment become the prelude to the wild antics from the ill-mannered bird that becomes hilariously homicidal after watching Steve, Zach, D-Rad chow down on one of the creature’s deep-fried fowl friends. The star twinkling guitar toned testimonials of, “And it came from the heart, and went straight for the jugular;” “And came out of the swamp and went straight for the drive-thru;” “And it came from the forest, broke into my kitchen;” “It came from outer-space, and into my eye socket” get represented in a bloodbath of special effects brought through a literal-lyrical reading. Splashing and spattering a few plus gallons of fake blood, the chicken antagonist carries out a dismemberment plan that leaves an otherwise disembodied band playing on like it was just another casual session. Guitarist and vocalist Steve Bourke gave us the following behind the scenes look at their eerie and eccentric video:

We had an idea to make a kind of slasher film with a sympathetic killer. There were a few different ideas of what the creature would be, but it eventually was decided to be a chicken simply because the filmmakers Lofty and Dave had access to a real chicken to act in it. The nature of the killings went from accidental to more like straight-up revenge, but we always knew there would be a lot of blood.

We shot it in an abandoned house on a cliff in Austinmer, which is a forested beach side suburb about 90 minutes south of Sydney. It was legitimately spooky and there was weird shit everywhere. If someone happened to go in there after we shot the clip they should call the police. Something bad happened there.

Step-Panther’s Strange But Nice is available now on Inertia.