Latasha Alcindor, "Don't Be Mad"

Post Author: Andre G

Dance in my garden of revival, I play with my own loving thorns. You taught me to talk in flowers, so don’t be mad.

In the first video from her deeply personal Teen Nite At Empire EP, we see Latasha Alcindor writing amidst a bed of flowers, reciting the previous lines in an impromptu spoken word poem. But that’s not where the insight stops. Once the thumping beat drops, Latasha, aka LA, gets the party started but also let her thoughts roam freely with her powerful delivery.
Owning up to her wall of defense, she admits “I’ve been on my disrespect lately/making sure you motherf—in’ haters can’t phase me.” She also chalks up the dream of a huge entourage, noting “only got a few true left and that’s how I roll.” As LA drops her simple truths, she appears unfazed, delivering an impressive variety of looks in the 2-minute visual smorgasbord directed by Jeff Weller.
She has said that “Don’t Be Mad” contains “a code in it to unlock the secret of redefining the Queen B.” Have a good time deciphering.