LATASHA, "Sump'n"

Post Author: Andre G

LATASHA said on Twitter that her latest single “Sump’n” “sounds for our transcendence.” Her music has always explored what it means to be the “divine feminine,” but it appears lately she’s reached an even higher level of understanding. We hear the fearless results on “Sump’n,” a minimalist track that puts her lyricism on front street – which is an optimal choice.
“I’mma stick to Plan A, motherf*ck a plan B/been a mother to you n*ggas keepin’ up with Plan C,” she rhymes over thunderous drums. She proclaims herself “BK’s major key” on the defiant, affirmatory single from her upcoming self-titled album. It’s hard to argue with her in that regard. Since leaving her finance job, she’s steadily ascended through the Brooklyn underground, transcending hip-hop’s childish gender norms and proving she can stand toe-to-toe with any MC, identity be damned.
New York-area fans can see LATASHA in action this Wednesday at BAM’s “Word. Sound. Power.” show. You can purchase tickets here.