Mayflower, “I’m Not There”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Manchester’s relatively new dream pop collective Mayflower – comprised of Oliver Gaydon (vocals, guitar), Jacob Calvert (lead guitar), Mike Cromey (bass), and Jim Mulherin (drums) –
has been hard at work making a name for themselves across the UK, already garnering positive attention from The BBC in their short run as a band. On the tails of high praise, we’ve got the exclusive music video premiere for their single “I’m Not There”, a song that was officially released in September.

A shot of two feet, gracefully stepping forward in black and white. A gorgeous dancer moves around a studio space, flashes of visuals of city lights and vast landscapes, layering over her emotional dancing. Ethereal guitar carries the piece, aligning perfectly with Gaydon’s vocals, which hold a slight nod to Liam Gallagher. A sound melancholic in nature provides a visual escape to a place where we can find beauty in simplicity.

“I’m Not There” is available now. Keep up with the band’s latest releases here.