Megosh, “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” [New Music Video]

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Closing out 2016, Baltimore’s Megosh has a new music video, full of personality.

New Album

Just one week ago, Megosh released the 14-track, creative monster, Apostasy. In case you missed it, we interviewed the band and reviewed their album, with “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” landing as one of our favorites from the new record.

After—or perhaps in the middle of—checking out their above video, if you’d like to grab Apostasy as a sweet, last minute gift, you can find it on nearly every platform here.

Thoughts on Music Video

Quickly, the charming chemistry within the outfit turns into to a swell of intensity. Scavenging through their burnt out mystery tour, we have to concede they found quite the abandon building. Megosh must be making it big, with that Coca-Cola product placement, huh?


We originally gave our thoughts on “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” in our full-album review:

“As an indication of quality, there likely wasn’t a better way to edge out this beast of a creation. “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” lands as one of our album favorites, chanelling vocals that remind us of Fall Out Boy at times, covered in bleeding-edge guitar work. Lyrically interesting, casual chats about human nature transcend the normal noise found in any song as of late.”

Honestly, this was a very well produced music video, that only endears the group closer to us. Christmas just got better with this revisit of Apostasy, even just a week past its original release. We love these guys.


If you want to stream more of their music, you can find links to Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play right over here.

Megosh does a lot of fun stuff on their Facebook, with live streams of improvised acoustic covers, Q&As, and all the news you would want to hear.