Negative Gemini – “Different Color Hair”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising vaporwave star rocks strip club in freaky video for latest single

Electronic art-pop producer and singer Negative Gemini is riding an impressive creative hot streak. Now based in Los Angeles after having cut her teeth in Brooklyn, the rising musician dazzled with last year’s dreamy and shimmering Bad Baby EP. Along with George Clanton, she runs the awesome record label 100% Electronica, and is one of the leading artists of the modern vaporwave movement. She also shared an amazing new single earlier this year called “Different Color Hair,” and now, she’s released that track’s wild and freaky music video.

In the clip, we fade in on Echo Park as Negative Gemini meets a little girl, who then knocks her ice cream cone out of her hand before flipping her off. Okay, rude. Next, she experiences a bizarre cult ritual, and then performs the track in a macabre strip club to a crowd of dazed, desensitized dudes. Soon a real stripper enters the frame, and things get progressively freakier from there. Eventually, we circle back to the opening scene, only now Negative Gemini is proudly rocking her new hair color. Not impressed, the little girl still promptly smashes her ice cream and flips her off again. Savage. The clip was directed by Corey Nixon, and it’s a perfectly strange video that encapsulates the track’s surreal, dream-like vibes. Watch it below.