Nomadic Firs, “Forever”

As Ryan Boos, pka Nomadic Firs, whispers of finding forever in the arts, French fashionista Caroline Back De Surany revels in the eternal swank of an iconic pair of sunglasses and a necklace finely placed along a bosom, while pondering a low-lit Venn diagram of vintage versus ceremonial. It's the last video we expected for an artist hailing from an urban farm in Knoxville, TN, but it works for "Forever". Boos' folk-pop patchwork is a lot like an Indian headress on a anglo-model in a bikini. There's the modernity of electronic music in his vocal loopings pit against the organic sound of an acoustic strum on "Forever" that prevents Boos from having neither foot planted in a folk festival nor an EDM gathering.

Nomadic Firs' cassette is out now on Crash Symbols.