Radamiz, “Sumner”

Post Author: Andre G

“It took a long damn time to feel important,” Brooklyn MC Radamiz triumphantly proclaims on “Sumner”, the third single from his upcoming Writeous LP. The thoughtful Mogul Club collective lyricist recently released the music video for the song, and it’s as arresting as the lyrics are introspective.

Up and coming visual maestros FifthGod and Slack Barrett are co-directors of the video. They cleverly sentimentalized the gritty Brooklyn streets that molded Radamiz, making use of drones to capture striking aerial shots of the borough. “Sumner’s” video opens with a vertical pan up to a top-floor Sumner Houses apartment, where he begins his recollection of life in Brooklyn.

Over producer Dre Dollasz’ evocative keys, Radamiz reminisces on everything from his “mother ducking bullets” from nearby shootouts to the tears he shed the night Peter Rosenberg first played his “Ali’s My Big Brother” track on Hot 97. The rising MC rhymes with an impenetrable cloak of liberation throughout the song, pridefully reveling in who he grew to be—and how much Brooklyn has to do with his evolution.

Writeous is tentatively scheduled for an April release.