Ravi Shavi, “Hot”

Post Author: Robert Duguay

To say Providence garage rock act Ravi Shavi is dynamic can be viewed as a huge understatement. The band lead by Rafay Rashid brings a vibrant aesthetic to their music with catchy rhythms. Rashid is also poetic with his idiosyncratic lyrics that talk about love, parties and dealing with one’s self. Ravi Shavi has the power to warm things up with their songs that’ll overwhelm the body with a dancing sensation that won’t ease. Speaking of warming things up, the band recently put out a music video for “Hot” off of the Independent EP that was released in May off of the New York City based label Almost Ready Records and it’s a gem.

“The video was in various neighborhoods shot in Providence, RI”, says Rashid on the filming locations of the video. “The director, Josh Kirk, and I initially wanted to parody Menudo and various bad early 90s macho-sex appeal videos. The idea was to saturate the video with fast cuts and quick zooms. The overlays also helped to create an atmosphere of confusion that the song lyrics kind of speak to. Like being stuck at a party that won’t seem to end.”

The song itself has Rashid being joined by bassist Bryan Fielding, guitarist Nick Politelli and drummer Andrew Wilmarth for a contagiously groovy listening experience. Check out the video for some sunny scenes taken from all over Providence and let the temperature rise with “Hot” while the weather gets cold.