Schiller, "Once Upon A Time"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Electronica/global pop artist Schiller is riding high off the success from his most recent release, a sixteen track album titled Future. His track “Once Upon A Time” was made into a music video, and we’ve got the haunting, otherworldly premiere right here. Comprised of digital images scrolling over the womanly form, the video is a vivid and sensual experience for all who lay claim to it.
Schiller had quite a bit to say about the song and its accompanying video.

This is my favorite tracks of my latest album Future. I wrote it while I was driving from Joshua Tree Park to Los Angeles, the melody just happened to place itself into my head. I went straight into the studio and recorded the song. The video was shot in Berlin a couple of weeks afterwards. We used handcrafted computer–animations which we projected onto our beautiful actress Alina.

Future is available now.