Slow Pulp – "Preoccupied"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

“I Just wanna be in love / but I don’t wanna try.” In one simple line, Midwest-based Slow Pulp perfectly sum up the millennial dating conundrum, in their latest track, “Preoccupied.” Accompanied by a charming music video filled with shimmery swimming pools, mint ice cream, and carousels. A peek into the Slow Pulp world is colorful, as is their music– a mixture of surf rock and nostalgic twee, with influences of Summer Twins and Frankie Cosmos.

“Preoccupied” blends each member’s musical contribution, and their ability to perform together is rooted in a strong relationship– a long distance one, that is. Slow Pulp’s members are in the midwest but split between Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The video oozes a sense of longing for togetherness and easier times– “Preoccupied”, like its lyrics, creates an environment of exactly what we need.