Stephanie Mabey, “I Still Taste Fire”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Singer/songwriter Stephanie Mabey is best known for creating dreamy (often strange) songs with razor-sharp lyrics. Her previous release, Wake Up Dreaming (2012), and her self-made video for “The Zombie Song” organically gathered over 2.5 million views. She knew this was the part where most artists would run full force at their music, but her personal world was collapsing at the same time. Instead of moving forward, she found herself starting over. Her new EP I Still Taste Fire represents the deconstruction that took place while Stephanie figured out who she was as an artist and a person. With tracks that reflect a newfound sense of self, it also marks the beginning of the rebuild. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the title track.

“I Still Taste Fire” is a breathy, empowering, forceful song. (In fact, dare we say “fiery”?) The strings bring an elevated element to the track, creating a summertime ballad full of strong instrumentals to accompany Stephanie’s gorgeous vocals. We’re thinking this song has the lasting and relatable power reminiscent of an Ellie Goulding (think “Burn“) or Sia track. One thing is for sure, Stephanie Mabey is definitely on her way to being a household name.

I Still Taste Fire was produced by Scott Wiley (June Audio/Provo, UT) and will release August 26, 2016.