Super American, “Congratulations”

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Super American is an indie-pop quartet fronted by Matt Cox and Patrick Feeley. They’ve just released their first single as a group, “Congratulations”, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere for your listening ears. The band has also released a lyric video for this track. This song was engineered and mixed by Jay Zubrickly, and mastered by Jesse Cannon.

*Matt Cox would like to note that while writing this track, Jack Eichel scored his first NHL career goal. The band (as well as the rest of Buffalo) are huge hockey fans, so that is AWESOME.

The video looks like cover art, with the band positioned in a row and “Super American” written across the top. The last band member steps into view, sits, and the guys goes still, like a picture. After a while, everyone start moving again, just having a relaxing time with each other as if the camera isn’t there. It’s almost like one of those portraits from Harry Potter come to life, with the photo’s subjects engaging in conversations and living their lives inside the frame, with no change of scene or major movement. It’s a simple, unique and fun introduction to a group of rad guys. Not to mention the song itself is upbeat and catchy and slightly angsty, all in one.

In regards to this track, Matt Cox elaborates, “I guess I was ringing a dinner bell in hopes that people were hungry.” Well, we sure were.