Tigue, “Dress Well”

Post Author: Emily Chu

TIGUE is described in their bio as “one half new music ensemble, one half art-rock band. TIGUE unites homegrown ethos and conservatory precision,” and I can’t say that I disagree. This band was formed in 2014, and they’ve been making extraordinary music ever since. Their latest offering is the new music video for their song, “Dress Well,” directed by Alice Cohen.

The video is made up of so many magazine cut outs, as they float choppily around the screen, like start-stop animation. An old map is in the background. The background rotates and dances, like a kaleidoscope. This video has so many different colors, it’s psychedelic. Images distort in and out, shapes of different patterns form and swirl around themselves. This video is just so entertaining to watch, and definitely one of a kind.

Don’t miss out on TIGUE on August 6, 2016 in Brooklyn. They’ll be playing Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival w/ Paola Prestini’s “Hubble Cantata”.