The Glazzies, “Spill”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Sag Harbor, New York’s alternative rock duo The Glazzies – comprised of Peter Landi (vocals, guitar) and Dave Horn (drums) – has been riding high off their latest LP Kill Me Kindly, which made its debut this fall on Old Flame Records. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for their song “Spill”.

Shot in black and white, the duo fire up their amps and start playing. A man walking outside hears the jam session beginning, and decides to join. He’s starstruck that it’s The Glazzies playing, and asks them if he can stay for their rehearsal. Strangely enough, he happens to be wearing their band t-shirt, and helps himself to their alcohol while he head bangs his way through the song and the guys look on, concerned. Watch the madness unfold in the video above.

“We originally had another idea for the video that fell through the day before we were scheduled to shoot,” admits Peter Landi. “I talked to Micah and Bill, who directed the video, about some other ideas and we came up with the super fan who crashes one of our rehearsals and it just went from there. Our friend George was visiting from England, so I asked him he would be in the video. He was really cool about it, he had no idea that we were going to cover him in fake blood and dirt. Definitely the most fun we’ve had making a video.”

Look for them on tour next spring by following them here. Kill Me Kindly is available now.