Naeya, “Enough”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

I’ve watched the music video for Naeya’s “Enough” about a dozen times and I still can’t get, er, enough. Lame wordplay aside, the new single off Naeya’s new EP Secrets, which released last month, fuses soul, pop, and alternative into a sweet three and a half minute song.

The video, though only featuring Naeya, is expertly edited together to turn what would be a moody video into one that is full of life and emotion, despite the dark lighting. But the dark lighting complements as well as contrasts against the bright colors of Naeya’s constant outfit changes. About the song, Naeya says, “I wrote it about the common struggle in a relationship of two individuals afraid of letting each other in, completely. It’s about that moment in a relationship where two people choose to accept things as they are, not knowing there is something better if they let go of the baggage that holds them back from feeling again.”

The song was produced by John Strucel, while the video was directed by Elliot Feld and Rai Quartley.