Toupée, “Mommy Is a Mummy”

Post Author: Mike Sosnick

From the first appearance of bloodied, gauze-wrapped singer Whitney Allen, Toupée‘s video for “Mommy is a Mummy” clearly epitomizes its title. The simultaneous chaos and order found in the Chicago band’s first ever music video foreshadows their upcoming LP, Leg Toucher. Jagged, menacing guitars and a terrifyingly deranged howl give way to Allen’s intimidatingly measured vocals. As the track continues to spiral into chilling disarray, she begins to ghoulishly repeat “Down, down” while her skin rots, cracks, and bloodies.

When Allen finishes meticulously applying her makeup, she decays. Toupée find mainstream culture’s definition of beauty to be fleeting and damaging, and in the video, as well as their music, they strive for raw grace. As Allen peels away the dead skin (in what looks like real-life pain), the band’s sentiment comes full circle. Although “Mommy is a Mummy’s” mayhem might not be described as beautiful music in the commercial sense, its fervor and depth are extremely compelling.

Leg Toucher will be released July 7 on Moniker Records.

Toupée tour dates

16 Detroit MI @ Elijah’s w/ Deadly Vipers, Eroders
17 Cleveland OH @ Happy Dog w/ Fertile the Drip, Cereal Banter, Iron Oxide
18 Pittsburgh PA @ The Shop w/ Boys
19 Kutztown PA @ HOUSE w/ Ghost Dads, Sex Doll, Narrow Lover
20 Boston MA w/ What Cheer? Brigade, Guerilla Toss, (New England) Patriots
21 Providence RI
22 Amherst MA @ John Doe Records
23 New York NY @ Cake Shop w/ Pill, Chat Logs
24 Asbury Park NJ @ Wonder Bar w/ Stained Glass, Microfossils, Polyphony
25 Philadelphia PA @ Magic Pictures w/ DJ Lazer Background, Evil Sword
26 Baltimore MD OFF
27 Washington DC
28 Richmond VA @ Gallery 5 w/ Prayer Group, Fat Spirit
29 Raleigh NC @ Nice Price Records w/ Brother Beast, Adult Science
30 Asheville NC @ Static Age w/ Common Visions
31 Atlanta GA @529 w/ Nightklub, MTN ISL, Trophy Wives, Pretty Please

01 Nashville TN
02 Louisville KY @ Kaiju
03 St Louis MO @The Foam w/ Little Big Bangs and Hardbody
04 Bloomington IN @ Magnetic South
05 Royal Center IN @ Frank and Brett’s Barn (DAYTIME SHOW)
05 Chicago IL w/ Palberta and Gods Wisdom
06 Minneapolis MN @ Esse Esseee w/ Kitten Forever, Solid Attitude, Miami Dolphins
07 Milwaukee WI @ Lucky Cat