Yumi Zouma, “Catastrophe”

Post Author: Lexy Cullinan

New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma have announced their latest project, EP II, to be will be released on a 10” vinyl via Cascine. Following their debut EP and breakout in 2014, Yumi Zouma was met with general acclaim and offers to open for Lorde and Chet Faker on international tours. Even though Yumi Zouma initially had no intentions of releasing any of their songs, their recent single and video, “Catastrophe,” is surely the product of widespread anticipation. “Catastrophe” is the first part of a series of music videos about daily regularities interrupted by an inexplicable, fantastic force. The video displays the mundane realities of everyday life – a man eating at a diner, a waitress cleaning tables, people playing video games – and as the video develops, we see all of these characters gradually then suddenly fall asleep. It was directed by BANGS, a Brooklyn-based creative team that has worked on many breakthrough music videos this past year.