Best tapes of 2008

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The Nevari Butchers, Arms And Everything Else (Hanson)
Mark Mcguire, An Old Hag's Cackle Pt. II (Cylindrical Habitat Modules)
TwistyCat, Bore Hole (Baked Tapes)
Telecult Powers, Kiss the Viper's Fang (Obsolete Units)
Cold Turkey, Dirty (Hermitage)
Ducktails/Mudboy, Summer Of Saucers (DNT)
Steve Hauschildt, Rapt for Liquid Minister (Arbor)
Emeralds/Tusco Terror, X-mas 2007 (Tusco Embassy)
Slasher Risk, Vole (Abandon Ship)
Bottomfeeder, Bottomfeeder (Wintage)

List compiled by Jesse DeRosa, label head of Baked Tapes.

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