Burberry dre$$e$ up UK rockers in “medieval” fall line

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There was Vivien Westwood and the Sex Pistols expressing the economic and social ruptures of English society during the late 70s in vinyl and bondage gear. Before that, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts mocked the establishment in garish Technicolor military regalia. Fashion continues to reflect and absorb British rock movements, and these days NME can read more like Vogue than Spin, infatuating itself with the latest hair do's and style don't's. It comes as little surprise then that high fashion has borrowed the UK's latest crop of rockers for its fall collection. Patrick Wolf, The Paddingtons, Edward Larrikin and Jonny Epseing and Kieran Webster of The View don Burberry's upcoming line, which reflects our own time by having absolutely nothing to do with it. It's an uninhibited fairy tale escape from reality. Quote:

“The British medieval mood of the show was the starting point to this campaign, where our British models, Agyness, Lily, Kiera, and Georgia, meet today’s young talented British musicians against a backdrop of an iconic argyle and Prorsum horse motif wallpaper,” said Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director.

Still, it's important to note that in the UK, Burberry is just as quickly identified with its high end price tag as it is with UK's white trash, (better known there as chavs), who in recent years adopted the signature check pattern as their uniform, to the point that Burberry was banned from being worn at many clubs and bars throughout the… kingdom. So maybe there's something a bit more ambiguous going on with this latest, Kate Moss free campaign. Or maybe one should remember that most of the company's sales are overseas, and, as some livejournal that got its hands on a press release notes:

“As with seasons past, the newest “must-have” from the Burberry Icons Collection is the Knight bag, a studded, slouchy leather tote worn by Deyn in the campaign, that will retail for approximately $3,152.”