Children: The most awesome/brutal band right now

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I've really missed metal that scares the shit out of the status quo without having to resort to all that corpse paint wearing tomfoolery. Not that I don't love a good burnt church every now and then, but seriously, I want something that is technical, fast, and brings pictures of long-haired kamikaze fighter pilots with nothing to lose crashing ther planes into squaresville. Thankfully, New York City band Children will put an album like that into the world on May 12 called Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World (Kemado Records). I know this might turn a few folks off, but Testament, Metallica, etc. etc. all come to mind on this one, and counting a member of Early Man among their ranks (drummer Adam Bennati) hardly hurts the cause much.

Pay close attention to the sickness that is the classical guitar in the last two-minutes of the track provided below.

Children, “Power Spirit”