CMJ Saturday: Bring Back the Guns

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Bring Back the Guns is one of our favorite bands that few people have heard right now, and here they are in New York, playing at 6:30 on the start of the long last night of CMJ. They’ve got this great mix of reckless abandon and intense, math-y restraint, and the new album Dry Futures (reviewed here) only grows on you with more listens.

“We’re from Houston,” they say. “It’s nice.”

“It is nice,” says the guitarist. “It’s where all my stuff is.”

They play a bunch of songs off Dry Futures, running the gamut of syncopation, screaming, and rockin’ (the singer even doing what looked to be ‘The Running Man’ for a bit there), even though it was, after all, late afternoon and the Annex wasn’t nearly full yet, and those that were there weren’t nearly drunk.

“Play Age of Calypso!” comes a shout from the audience. “No!” the guitarist shouts. “We wish!” The song was recorded under one of the band’s previous names/incarnations, Groceries.