Coltrane Motion remind us of the war

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David Byrne once had some inspiring words about life during war time. It was something or other about this being no time for parties and disco. Ugh, I'm so confused by musicians. Why do they put anti-war messages over funky basslines and jittery rhythms that make me forget about world events?

Save your comments on “Life During Wartime” not being about actual war. I don't care how many books you read dissecting the Talking Heads' lyrics, its ambiguous – making it susceptible to appropriation as I see fit. As for Coltrane Motion's “I Forgot There Was A War On,” I would like to think its honest to its title. (Heads on your desks. Ok, now show of hands who is guilty of this sentiment. Alright g-men, take these people to boot camp.)

Chicago's Coltrane Motion puts a clean tropicalia to its electronic-infused indie sound on “I Forgot There Was A War On.” With each listen, I regain a war perspective from the chorus and lose it once that tasty guitar lick comes in. These mixed messages shall be the death of me! Can't we just dance this war over?

Coltrane Motion's Hello Ambition! is out now on Datawaslost. The record is streaming here.

Coltrane Motion, “I Forgot There Was A War On”