Crow44, “Love You To Death”

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Crow44 is the moniker of Desmond Pierce, an elder British statesman of music from North Yorkshire. While his music career started in the 60s as a member of a Yardbirds-esque group, for the last decade, Pierce has kept himself busy cranking out lo-fi bedroom tunes on his old PC. Eventually, his prolific output caught the attention of multi-instrumental aficionado James Pants as he was scouering the Internet “on the hunt for vampire music,” and passed what he heard along to Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf. James immersed himself in Pierce's 25 albums has now combined a selection of his favorites on the Crow44 self-titled EP.

On “Love You To Death”, a fluttering omnichord meets with whimsical vocal samples to create a breezy, bedroom tune. It's a track that would have fit in comfortably with the glory days of chillwave. Better late than never, the Crow44 EP brings heavenly sounds that are a credit to Demond Pierce's years spent behind closed doors.

Crow44's self-titled EP is available now on Stones Throw.