Crystal Castles “Magic Spells” vidéo

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In case you didn't remember, the Crystal Castles full-length is out today. Watch as they drop you a subtle hint.

There ain't no comments like YouTube comments. This must be where the young'uns graduate to when they find their way out of AOL Chat (slightly less hard to find one's way out of than a paper bag). Let's look at some of the gems:

you guys are so strange, this vidéo looks very abstract video art but; you'r awesome.

well. tbh i think the guy was obviously acting making the breeze block look as if its heavy,
non the less as one persons said the sounds to make it sound as if its a real breeze block is real, tbh i dont think anyone would just randomly come along and drop something on there head, if they did, theyve got a twisted
head and personally i think the person would of easily died.

yeah dont correct me, because i havent the time
to argue over the next.

weird as tho.


I know I shouldn't argue over the next but the block falls way too fast for him to just be pretending it's heavy. Am I right? So we have three options for this vidéo: 1) the block is heavy, but not lethally so (ie made of rubber) 2) both the block and the dude are real, united by sort of After Effects magic or 3) that one person really doesn't like that other person.

All the videomarsh website says is “This video was made using footage that we recorded at queen's park in new westminster.”