Danny Brown is on nine hits of awesome

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Danny Brown

Danny Brown has taken a special liking to one of the Midwest's favorite past-times, abusing the prescription drug Adderall. For those unaware, Adderall is taken to counteract attention deficit disorder, but taken by a person who's not A.D.D., it's a stepchild to blow without all the annoying “wanna party?, but only sweat and talk in a room for six hours” culture. Granted, it sounds as though Danny Brown is on more than just one dosage, maybe a cocktail of enhancers, he gets awesome on the recently tweeted “Outer Space”.

Produced by SKYWLKR, “Outer Space” is bugged out and spacious as a sample invites you to “meet the future face to face”. The words must have struck a cord with Brown. He compacts punchlines like sardines into his flow, proving that he is not even close to running low on sexual deviancy and disses. The Fool's Gold signee has yet to make any album announcements, but as his celebrity rises he's already got witty retorts for the inevitable feminist criticism, “I've got penis poems for your vagina monologues / love a feminist bitch / oh, they get my dick hard.” This freaking guy!

Danny Brown, “Outer Space”