El Michels Affair cover Wu-Tang (again and again)

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El Michels Affair and Truth & Soul Records give it to us raw with an album of souled out Wu-Tang Clan covers

El Michels Affair should be hired as the official Wu-Tang Clan touring band. I don't care what member is out in the world doing a show, this soul band should be on the road, flown to Japan if need be. The band's tour rider should simply read, “keep them happy at all costs.”

In addition to Wu-tang covers previously released on 7″, the band interpreted thirteen legendary and well-know Wu-Tang Clan songs, including “Can It All Be So Simple,” “Protect Ya Neck,” “Cherchez La Ghost,” and “Incarcerated Scarfaces.”

I'm calling it right now, without hearing the record in its entirety. Enter the 37th Chamber will be in my top five best albums of 2009, while I reserve seeding Only Built For Cuban Linx II until that summer release is set in stone with EMI and a physical copy of the album is in my aching hands.

Enter the 37th Chamber is out April 21 on Truth & Soul Records.

El Michels Affair, “Bring Da Ruckus”

El Michels Affair, “C.R.E.A.M.”