Eternal Summers cover Guided By Voices

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eternal summers

Quite a year it's been for the pop duo from Roanoke. We showed love this time last year after “Able To” cracked our hard outer shells. Now, Eternal Summers are debuting singles left and right, including this extra rad Guided By Voices cover.

Eternal Summers covered Guided By Voices “A Salty Salute,” the classic opener from Alien Lanes, as part of Wild Animal Kingdom's sold-out cassette Guided By Guided By Voices. The compilation features GBV renditions by the likes of Real Estate, Pill Wonder and Big Troubles. Sucks you missed out, right? Pretty much makes this song an even saltier salute, but ES has good news – the club is open!

Eternal Summers debut Silver is out September 28 on Kanine Records.

Eternal Summers, “A Salty Salute” (Guided By Voices cover)