Fatal Flying Guilloteens to release Quantum Fucking LP in October

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Post-punk 'n' hardcore quintet Fatal Flying Guilloteens will give new meaning to the word “raw” with the release of Quantum Fucking October 16 on Frenchkiss Records. Dudes have been grounding up different classes of heavy rock into their own noisy, explosive concoctions since the late 90s, and if the sample track is any indication, their third LP might prove to be their most flammable, explosive output to date.

(NOTE: Not to be confused with Fatal Flying Guillotines, the Cantonese movie about Shaolin monks and “manic martial hijinks”.)

“Reveal the Rats”:

01 The First Act of Violence
02 Hello, Boss!!!
03 Charts
04 Reveal the Rats
05 Illegal Weapons Party
06 The Siren
07 Great Apes
08 Tiger vs Gator
09 Long Distance Reach Around
10 Fantasy Licks with Platinum Ceiling
11 Non-Original Talent
12 Legion of Serpents